The Vicious Cycle

    Vicious Cycles happens when two elements work off of one another to create something that one element couldn't do alone. You can hear Vicious coming due to the drivers yelling at each other to pedal faster or slower.

      It spins too fast for some people (me) but to slow down all you have to do is yell at your partner. The gearing is just right for flat and level ground. To go uphill it would need changeable gears which means a dérailleur, which would mean you can't pedal backwards. One of these days I will add Kimric's idea; a clutch between drive shafts. Then you could go straight without all the yelling. One person could drive it.

     We drove this in the Grand Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ferndale for one day. That was enough. Read about the history here: The Vicious History

    Since it is pedal powered, it is allowed to go places our other vehicles can't. It can go to Burning Man no permission or license required.

     We can rent this for your event for $200/day.

     $8500 to buy.


     I had a shop in West Oakland for a while. It was crowded in there so I tried to lift Vicious up to the ceiling to save space. Three times the winch parts failed and the last time it was almost all the way up there. Vicki had just walked to the corner deli and it came crashing down. When she returned it was a pile of broken parts.

     When we moved the shop to Angels Camp fixing this was one of the first projects. We made some improvements and got some of the gears lined up better so we have had no chains come off since the rebuild. We also faux rusted the whole thing. People think it's old farm equipment. The LEDs also were faux-ed so they may be a little dimmer.

       Vicious at the 2014 Mad Hatter Parade

       Vicious at the Parade in 2013   510-967-4071    Oakland CA.