It's a tiny Cadillac with teeth. It has an attitude that future robots will talk about on sub space. The back seat is mainly for lighter weight humans.

     Some of its features:

  • Real Cadillac tail lights
  • Headlights
  • Turn Signals
  • Tuck and Roll Upholstery
  • Chrome Grill made from shower door handles
  • Polished Aluminum Rear Bumper
  • Rear seat for cargo
  • Full Suspension
  • Electric Start
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Key ignition
  • Polished Brass Dash Board
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Gas and Brake Pedals
  • Larger Battery w/ charger fast connect
  • Relay protected switches
  • Parts readily available
  • Horn


     Basically it's nothing but features and it's very peppy. Starts without a choke although it has a choke for cold days. We drive it almost daily. It's very convenient but is not great for hills because it is top heavy and I disabled the front brakes.

     This vehicle has a gas motor and should not be used indoors. It is also not legal to drive on the streets of most towns.

    It has a green sticker and pink slip (long lost.)


Here are some photos of the build.


Contact Dave for more information   510-967-4071    Oakland CA.